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IMMA starts enrolling for the fourth class of the Guaporé Project

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IMMA Indústria Metalúrgica e Mecânica da Amazônia, the first on-demand capital goods industry in Brazils North region, the result of a joint venture between Alstom and Bardella, will start the new class of the Guaporé Project, a professional qualification program developed in partnership with SENAI-Rondônia (SENAI is a traditional Brazilian institute to promote industrial training and development) . This will be the fourth class of the program, and candidates can register between February 14 and 17.

There are 150 positions available, 50 for plate shop workers, 40 for welders, 20 for mechanical assemblers, 20 for jet and painting operators, and 20 for oxycutting professionals. Candidates must be older than 18 and live in the state of Rondônia.

The first test will be carried out on February 20 and the results will be announced between February 21 and 23. The second phase, involving group dynamics, will be conducted between February 24 and 26, and the results will be available between March 1 and 2. Approved candidates will enroll between March 2 and 4. The course lasts three months.
Launched in July 2008, aimed at the social and professional development of the community of the Porto Velho area, the Guaporé Project has already qualified around 2000 people. Around 85% of all professionals at IMMAs manufacuturing areas were qualified through the Guaporé Project. IMMA currently employs 500 people.

The projects classes are given at SENAI, and one of the qualification steps is carried out at the institutions Mechanica Metal Workshop-School, built exclusively for the professional development for the industry. In addition to technical qualification, the Guaporé Project promotes the transfer of industrial culture and technology. Professionals from Alstom and Bardella participate actively in the program, giving classes and lectures to students.

About IMMA
With the purpose of subsidizing hydroelectric projects in Brazils northern region, through the provision of hydromechanical and lifting equipment for the undertakings of this sector in Amazonia, Alstom, world leader in power and transport infrastructure, has associated to Bardella, a traditional domestic capital goods company with on-demand engineering, for the construction of Indústria Metalúrgica e Mecânica da Amazônia - IMMA. With an investment of R$ 90 million, the works, delivered in March 2010, are located in Porto Velho, State of Rondônia, and have 235 thousand square meters of total area and 33 thousand square meters of built-up area. Equipped with operating machines, boilermaking area, gritblasting and painting, the factory has a lifting capacity of 130 tons and production of 12 thousand tons a year.

About Alstom
Alstom is a world leader in power generation and rail infrastructure, and is a reference in innovative technologies that respect the environment. Alstom builds the fastest trains and the automated metros with greatest capacity in the world, and also supplies integrated plants for power generation, in addition to associated services for different sources of energy, such as hydroelectricity, gas, coal, nuclear and wind. The Group employs 81,500 people in 70 countries and registered orders of 24.6 billion Euros in 2008/2009.
In Brazil, Alstom is present for 55 years and has 4,000 direct employees who work in four units in the states of São Paulo and Rondônia.

About Bardella
Ever since its foundation, in 1911, Bardella S.A. Indústrias Mecânicas has been present and participated in all phases of Brazilian development. Always in a pioneer fashion and turned to the market, the company was able to adapt to and many times anticipate the needs of a market under growing evolution and strong competitiveness.
This way, Bardella built, along the years, a portfolio with renown clients at the national and international levels, which clearly shows its technical and managerial capacity in the provision of its products and services.


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