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A new option is exercised on the Regiolis contract for Upper Normandy

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A fourth option for 2 Coradia Polyvalent regional trains, which will operate in Upper Normandy, has been exercised on the contract signed in October 2009 with the SNCF (the French national rail operator) for the supply of its new-generation regional express (TER) rolling stock. It takes the total number of trainsets ordered to 166.

The contract included a firm first tranche for the supply of 100 Coradia Polyvalent trains. The three previous options had been exercised in January 2010 (for 19 trainsets), in March 2010 (for 23 trainsets) and in January 2011 (for 23 trainsets).

The order placed in October 2009 is currently in production and a first passenger carriage is in the finishing stages in Alstom’s Reichshoffen plant in Alsace. The body shell for this carriage and the production line for the Regiolis trains, based on Alstom’s Coradia Polyvalent range, were unveiled to the press on 10 February 2011. The first train will roll off the assembly line in June 2011. The first deliveries are slated to begin in 2013 and will continue through mid-2015.