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Alstom Achieves Industry-Leading Milestones in U.S. Positive Train Control Technology

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MIAMI, FLORIDA With U.S. rail operators working towards nationwide deployment of Positive Train Control (PTC) technology by 2015, Alstom Transport, a global leader in railway equipment, services and technology, today announced significant progress in helping customers achieve this critical safety upgrade of the nations rail system.

Alstoms progress towards the 2015 mandate came in the form of several major PTC milestones that include:

First Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) PTC System Type Approval ¬¬ Alstom is the first company to have a complete, fully-functional PTC system receive Type Approval from the FRA for deployment on U.S. railroads. The ACSES II system is the latest generation of Alstoms Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System, which has been installed on hundreds of commuter and freight trains in the Northeast U.S. over the past 10 years. This depth of experience, which includes service on Americas only incremental high-speed rail line, has allowed Alstom to refine and enhance ACSES II to meet the changing needs of railroads across the country. Alstom is now supporting Amtrak in extending the existing ACSES II system to cover a full 1,600 track miles.

Amtrak Chooses microWIU for Northeast Corridor PTC Rail passenger agency Amtrak recently purchased 250 Alstom microWIU Wayside Interface Units (WIUs) for deployment along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), the busiest stretch of rail lines in the U.S., and along several connecting corridors. These state-of-the-art WIUs allow for greater connectivity, lower power consumption, and can be stacked to provide scalability. Alstoms microWIU will monitor track switches, signals and other critical devices and will communicate this wayside status information to approaching locomotives as needed.

Switch Circuit Controllers for CSX Dark Territory PTC CSX Transportation operates 21,000 miles of rail in 23 states and the District of Columbia, with nearly 2,000 switches in dark territory located throughout its network. As part of their larger PTC deployment, CSX will begin installing Alstom Model 7R Rail-Mounted Switch Circuit Controllers in 2011 with heavy dark territory implementation in 2013 and 2014. In addition to monitoring switches, Alstoms model 7R can be used to track the status of a range of equipment conditions including switch point locking, derail operation, bridge locking and position, tunnel door position and slide detector actuation.

PTC represents a significant challenge for railway operators throughout the U.S., and the clock is ticking said Guillaume Mehlman, Managing Director of Alstom Transport in North America. No two railroads are exactly the same, meaning the deployment of PTC technology and equipment must be carefully tailored to ensure that we all achieve the broader goal a safer rail network for the American people. Alstom has the experience and innovative technology to make that happen, as evidenced by our recent milestones, but beyond that, we have a growing team of dedicated, highly-skilled U.S. workers committed to getting the job done right, and on-time.

For more than 100 years, Alstoms U.S. Transport Information Solutions (TIS) team, headquartered in Rochester, New York, has provided cutting-edge signaling and train control systems for American railroads.

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