Alstom Transport welcomes Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Frances Minister of Womens Rights, at Le Creusot

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French Minister of Womens Rights and Government spokesperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem visited the Alstom Transport facility at Le Creusot on Thursday December 20th, 2012.

On that occasion, she met with about thirty women who work in all of the sites departments: production, logistics, design office, purchasing and more, and discussed with two women welders and a welding intern.

Gender equality stands as one of the priority avenues in Alstoms diversity and equal chances policy (including initiatives in favour of the disabled, senior citizens, and residents of underprivileged neighbourhoods). Alstom is convinced that professional equality between men and women is a crucial element of the companys appeal and performance, and of balanced relations within the workplace.

Women currently account for more than 18% of the workforce at Alstom Transport(1), working on the whole in administrative duties. Efforts are underway to gradually rectify this imbalance, which stems from Alstom being involved in technical professions where educational routes attract a poor female attendance and where production jobs are traditionally performed by men.

Alstom has launched several initiatives to increase the proportion of women in its workforce and to promote industrial professions among female students. Since 2007, a partnership with the Elles Bougent (Theyre on the Move) association has been promoting engineering professions, throughout the aeronautics, automotive, railway, maritime and energy sectors, among young women. In fact, over a hundred women working in the Alstom Group are sponsors of the association (including 2 at Le Creusot) and they make a point of meeting with young women in high schools and elementary schools. In 2009, an agreement was signed regarding diversity and equal chances with the intent of increasing diversity in hiring and of promoting non-discrimination principles and gender equality, through setting up specific ranges to reduce any would-be gaps in pay. Lastly in 2009, an agreement was signed on the balance between working life and private life to make womens life at work easier. The agreement features such measures as reduced working time for pregnant women, a gradual return to work during the first week returning from maternity leave, compensation paid to parents of children suffering from a disease requiring parental presence, measures intended for single-parent families such as flexible working hours, and specific leaves for family events. In addition, every French facility in the Transport sector has received an allowance to fund day care spots, to contribute to babysitting costs, to fund learning support etc.

In March 2012, the Groups Human Resources Director announced the launch of the WEB (Women Empowerment for Business) program through the setting up of a network of ambassadors. Lastly, negotiations have begun with the FEM (European Metallurgy Federation).


1 - 16% dans le Groupe Alstom et 13% au Creusot


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