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First Annual Report of Alstom Deutschland AG

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The energy turnaround in Germany and securing environmentally compatible mobility - these are two of the major challenges for the economy, society and politics. As a versatile industrial group specialized in energy and transport technology, Alstom is in a good position to face these challenges - with high technological skills and worldwide innovation power.

In the annual report 2012/2013 from Alstom Deutschland AG, which was published for the first time, the "solutions and prospects" of the company, and the input by Alstom into major infrastructure projects in the country are described.

Alstom is already working at high-speed on the energy turnaround. Some keywords: The Haliade 150 is the new dimension of offshore wind power. HVDC technology (High Voltage Direct Current Transmission) creates efficient ways to bring electricity from where it is produced to where it is needed in urban areas. Modern turbine technology creates conditions for the mix with powerful coal and gas power plants.

In railway engineering Alstom is one of the big players: Energy-saving, low-emission electric and diesel trains made in Germany make rail transport attractive. Soon our vehicles will be driving in the metropolitan areas of Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich - and offer intelligent alternatives to the stop-and-go traffic on the road. We are also the leading provider of modern control and safety technology that makes rails in Europe more permeable. With the Euroduplex we provide the world's only double-deck-high speed train, which runs since 2012 between Frankfurt and Marseille, too.