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Alstom Grid Turkey manufactures one of the worlds largest Regulated Shunt Reactors

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Alstom Grid Turkey broke new ground once again by manufacturing the largest 3-phase regulated shunt reactor in the world at their Gebze site, one of the most modern high voltage transformer factories worldwide with a production capacity of 36.000 MVA. The first of four 250 MVAr 420 kV regulated shunt reactors to be manufactured following an order from TEIAS (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company), has successfully completed factory acceptance tests.  

People including the TEIAS Heads of Department of Operation and Substations, TEIAS Acceptance Committee, a TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) representative, consultants and observers, participated in the reactor factory acceptance tests. Roma University Emeritus Professor Francesco Iliceto, a leading member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and International Council on Large Electrical Systems (CIGRE), participating in the tests as a consultant for TEIAS, deemed the results a big success.

These shunt reactors will be used by TEIAS at their 380 kV substations in Istanbul Yeni Bosna, Ikitelli, Maltepe and Davutpasa, to protect against voltage surges which can occur in the systems as a consequence of capacitive charging. With the help of shunt reactors, which offer a more efficient field of use and which can be regulated according to changing needs over a wide area of adjustment, TEIAS will be able to increase network efficiency. They will also reduce investment and redundancy costs by purchasing one regulated reactor instead of several reactors at very different rates for the same substation an optimised, smart grid solution.

Mr. Tunc Tezel, Alstom Grid SECA Regional Sales Director, explained that Alstom Grid had supplied high voltage products and more than half of the installed systems of turnkey delivery projects for TEIAS since 1966, and added, "With the successful achievement of this project, we have once again demonstrated our ability to conduct an efficient assessment for TEIAS and to find the best solution to meet their needs. The production quality of our factory underlies this achievement. I would like to sincerely congratulate our design team, who demonstrated our worldwide design and engineering quality by manufacturing the largest 3-phase regulated shunt reactor in the world.

Alstom Grid Turkey, which manufactured the worlds largest arc furnace transformer (300 MVA) in 2010, also manufactured "the largest converter transformer in the world" for the German railways in the recent months. The Alstom Grid Turkey Gebze site has become the preferred production site not only in Turkey, but for customers around the world in the field of power transmission, thanks to high quality standards, modern manufacturing techniques and comprehensive test laboratories. Alstom Grid is the export champion in the field of power transmission and distribution in Turkey, exporting approximately 85% of its production worldwide.