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Corner stone event held at Muukko wind farm

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TuuliMuukko Oys wind farm project in Muukko, Lappeenranta, in Eastern Finland has proceeded to the corner stone event, which was held on Tuesday 25th September. Alstom is supplying to Muukko wind farm seven 3.0 MW ECO110 wind turbines. The agreement, signed in June 2012, includes the supply, transportation and installation and 12 years of operation and maintenance services of the turbines. The project is the first one in the Nordic countries for Alstom. 

The civil works for erection sites, roads and turbine foundations started in Muukko in July 2012. The Muukko substation was connected to the grid already at the end of June. The erection of the wind turbines will start in early 2013. The wind turbines for the Muukko wind farm will be built in Alstoms wind turbine manufacturing facilities in Spain. The rotor diameter of each turbine is 110 meters and the hub height 90 meters. These wind turbines are well suited for medium to low wind sites and they will feature a Cold Climate Version to suit the Finnish winter conditions.

TuuliMuukko Oy is jointly owned by TuuliTapiola ky and TuuliSaimaa Oy. TuuliSaimaa has been established in 2009 in Lappeenranta, Finland, aiming to build ca 200 MW of wind power to Finland.

The Muukko wind farm will have a total installed power of 21 MW more than 10% of the current installed wind capacity in Finland.  By the end of 2011 there were 130 wind turbines installed in Finland for a total capacity of 197 MW. Finland is working to meet the government target of up to 2500 MW of wind energy in operation by 2020. There are currently more than 7800 MW wind power projects under development in Finland, of which about 3000 MW are offshore projects.

The ECO110 wind turbines are part of Alstoms proven ECO100 turbine platform, and the result of more than 30 years of expertise in wind turbine design. The ECO100 platform now has more than 350 MW installed or under construction worldwide and over 460,000 cumulative operating hours since 2008.  All Alstom wind turbines are based upon the proven ALSTOM PURE TORQUE® rotor support concept that protects the drive train from deflection loads, ensuring higher reliability and lower maintenance costs. Alstom has installed or is currently constructing more than 2 300 wind turbines in over 130 wind farms, for a total capacity of more than 3 200 MW. In addition to the supply of new wind turbines and farms the operation and maintenance of the turbines are included in most of the Alstom projects.