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Alstom Transport UK Zero Waste Heroes!

Main Press Contacts (Alstom Headquarters)

Christopher English

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Tel: + 33 1 57 06 36 90

Samuel Miller

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Visit our media section and follow the "Press contacts" link to find local press contacts at country level

Due to the diverse nature of activities on Alstom sites, a wide variety of wastes are produced and collected, ranging from general wastes and recyclable materials, through to special and hazardous wastes.

Alstom Transport is working hard to ensure that all of this waste is disposed of in a responsible manner. Alstom Transport Waste contracts are negotiated centrally by Paul Crowley in the Sourcing Department at Rugby.

This work has not gone unnoticed; Alstom Transport was highly commended at the Rail Business Awards for Environmental Innovation in partnership with waste contractor Haz environmental. Transport UK also received the Silver award from National Recycling Stars for recycling excellence.

Most recently, Alstom Transport UK in partnership with B&M Waste Contractors has been confirmed as a Finalist for the Sustainability Leaders 2012 Awards for their work at the Manchester Traincare Centre. In addition, they have been shortlisted to win Gold, Silver or Bronze at the National Green Apple Awards to be announced in London on the 12th November 2012.

One of the projects that got Transport noticed was named Goodbye to Landfill. With a commitment from Alstom to recycle all waste generated by sites by 2015, Transport aimed to find a way to dramatically decrease the amount of landfill used. Piloted at the Oxley site, the current waste management system was first evaluated. Thanks to waste to energy conversion such as using oily rags as fuel and efficient recycling, landfill waste was reduced to zero. Alstom UK hopes to imitate this success and is looking at rolling it out across all Sectors and sites.

To ensure long term success, a pioneering new waste management strategy has been put in place for Alstom Transport UK.