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Getting Nottingham trams on track

Main Press Contacts (Alstom Headquarters)

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In 2011, the Tramlink Nottingham consortium was awarded the Nottingham Express Transit 2 contract by Nottingham City Council. The project is now underway, Alstom is responsible for building lines two and three of the Nottingham tram network the concrete, the tram line, the overheads cables and the stops on the route.

In Nottingham, swathes are being cleared for the lines south of the city centre, moving infrastructure such as water pipes, sewers, electricity cables and gas pipes in preparation for the tram lines, and teams will begin pouring concrete in late autumn/ early winter of this year.

Alstom has about 50 people on the project already and the number will grow fast as we recruit another 70 people, such as mechanical engineers and designers of overhead lines. Eventually, there will be about 200 Alstom employees constructing the system.  

Those who are trained on the Nottingham project will acquire skills that we will be able to use as and when we win further contracts to construct tram systems.