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Alstom and ERDF join to develop and commercialise network management software

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Alstom and ERDF have signed an agreement in the field of smart grids. Together, the partners will commercialise Alstoms network management software solutions customised along with ERDF.

The agreement covers technical management software for distributed energy resources[i]. In France, ERDF and Alstom will be commercialising this software configured to ERDFs grid management needs. The agreement also involves the joint development of new products, mostly software, performed within the framework of research contracts. The agreement is in effect for a 5-year period.

The introduction of Smart Grid, with digital technology, transforms how hardware and software solution manufacturers, integrators, and power grid operators work. Expanding on the collaborative experience acquired in Nice Grid, Smart Grid Vendée and Issy Grid, Alstom and ERDF now combine their skills and know-how for building new systems and for the benefit of third-party customers.

Alstom has gained a technical leading position through its 33 Smart Grid pioneer models deployed worldwide, especially in the field of management software for distributed resources, stated Grégroire Poux-Guillaume, Alstom Grid President. Based on the experience we have acquired with our long-time French customer ERDF for new customers, we take one further step in establishing our leadership.

Michèle Bellon, Chairman of ERDF Board of Directors, adds: To address the changes in the energy sector and to offer the best quality of service to our 35 million customers, ERDF has set innovation at the root of its policy. Involved in about fifteen research projects in the field of smart grids, the company has the support of cutting-edge industrial partners in the sector, like Alstom.

About Alstom

Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro in the world, provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind, and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission, with a focus on smart grids. The Group employs 93,000 people in around 100 countries. It had sales of over 20 billion and booked close to 24 billion in orders in 2012/13.

Alstom Grid has one clear vision: to develop innovative solutions for a flexible, reliable, affordable and sustainable electrical grid, everywhere. We design, manufacture, install and service the power transmission and distribution products and systems that empower the planets low carbon economy... for now and for the future.

Alstom Grid has over 130 years experience and ranks among the top three in the electrical transmission sector with an annual sales turnover of more than 4 billion. Alstom Grids 19,000 employees are spread across 88 manufacturing and engineering sites worldwide and have one common mission: be our customers trusted partner, from the source to the city.

We are energising a smarter world with Alstom.



ERDF, an innovative industrial company

ERDF Electricité Réseau Distribution France Founded on January 1st, 2008, ERDF manages power distribution networks for 95% of metropolitan France. With its 35000 employees, the company operates, develops and maintains 1.3 million kilometres of power lines serving 35 million customers. In so doing, it performs numerous interventions on this grid, such as hook-ups and connections, commissioning, repairs and supplier switching.

ERDF is a dynamic public-service company anticipating changes in the world of energy and technology so as to meet the expectations of its 35 million customers. ERDF employs more than 35,000 people all over France. As an innovative industrial company, ERDF is deeply involved in a host of projects preparing the power grids of the future, for instance the Linky communicating meter. The company is highly intent on driving the transition in energy and to take on the industrial and energy challenges of the coming years. In order to handle those changes, ERDF is investing in modernising the grid and making it smarter. In 2012, ERDF investments toward the power grid reached 3b. This amount has not only helped to maintain the grid and modernise it, but also to adapt it to changes in the energy sector.


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Alexandra PONS (ERDF) Phone: +33 1 81 97 41 67 alexandra.pons @

[i] Distributed energy resource is the aggregate of multipower plants such as smart buildings, storage, photovoltaic panels, wind, demand response.