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Alstom R&D laboratory in Växjö celebrates 30 years

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The Environmental Control System (ECS) technical center and R&D laboratory in Växjö, Sweden was inaugurated in September 1983. To celebrate the event 30 years ago the ECS team at the unit in Växjö was invited to the laboratory for a visit to the facilities where some of the new models and pilots were presented.

Niclas Lindqvist, Laboratory Manager ECS R&D Execution stated:
"At the inauguration 30 years ago Bengt Berg, the company president at the time, stated that the new R&D laboratory is a unique facilities that together with innovative and open minds will contribute to position our company as a technology leader within ECS technologies."  

During the 30 years that has passed since the new laboratory was inaugurated a large number of new products and technologies has been developed at the laboratory contributing to strengthen Alstoms position as the leader in flue gas cleaning technologies.

Niclas Lindqvist continued:
"Over the years our position as a technology leader has further been reinforced by several investments in the laboratory infrastructure and development of competencies. Thanks to this long term investment in our technical center and research laboratory, Alstom is well equipped to meet todays and future expectations from our industry on development of high performance and cost effective solution for flue gas cleaning systems for power and industrial applications.