Alstom to supply 34 Coradia Liner intercity trains to French operator SNCF

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As part of the project initiated by the Prime Minister in July 2013 and conducted with SNCF to renew Corail trains for the intercity lines, SNCF has ordered 34 Coradia Liner trainsets, the latest generation of long-haul trains from Alstom, for around 350 million[1]. The trains are expected to enter into service from December 2015.

The Coradia Liner, a long-haul train, is classed between a regional train (TER) and a high speed train (TGV)[2]. It was designed in such a way as to provide intercity lines with a specific identity, more comfort and services with an improved performance. In its current configuration, the train can carry up to 267 passengers.

The Coradia Liner matches exactly the SNCFs requirements in terms of performance, comfort and services for passengers. It is fully accessible thanks to platform-level boarding. On-board passenger traffic is made much smoother thanks to spacious passenger areas perfectly suited to long-haul journeys. New seats feature upholstered armrests, a power socket and a coat hanger. The floor is coated with special material to reduce ambient sound. Lastly, large bay windows and indirect interior lighting reinforce the feeling of comfort for the passengers. The design of this new long-haul train, specified in advance by SNCF, allows the company to offer a host of on-board services to its passengers.

Innovative technical solutions will enable Coradia Liner to reduce travel time on long-haul trips. Large gangways and platforms optimise boarding times. Thanks to distributed power throughout the train, acceleration and braking capacity are improved. The Coradia Liner is an economical train. Lighter than the previous generation of long-haul trains, it will use significantly less energy and its architecture has been designed to facilitate maintenance operations. It is bimodal (electric and diesel) and complies with all current European standards. It can travel on all tracks in the conventional network.

Coradia Liner belongs to the Coradia range of modular trains which benefit from over 30 years experience and proven technical solutions. More than 3,000 Coradia trains are currently in circulation and have travelled more than 4 billion kilometres in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Six of the ten Alstom facilities located in France will be involved in the Coradia Liner project: Reichshoffen (design and assembly), Ornans (engines), Le Creusot (bogies), Tarbes (traction systems), Villeurbanne (on-board computers) and Saint-Ouen (design).

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[1] This contract is booked in Q2 of the current fiscal year

[2] TER : transport express régional ; TGV : train à grande vitesse is a trademark of SNCF



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