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Nottingham tram wrapped by Alstom to highlight new trams, new routes and new destinations

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Having successfully delivered the first of 22 new Citadis trams to Nottingham, Alstom has now unveiled a new look for one of the existing trams.

Concentrating on Alstoms role in the extension to Nottinghams tram network, the wrap highlights the new trams, new routes and new destinations that people living in the city will be able to enjoy.

Alstom, with partner Taylor Woodrow, is currently building NET Phase Two, which will expand Nottinghams tram network by building two new lines, totalling 17.5 km, and 27 new stations. In addition, Alstom is supplying 22 new Citadis trams, with the first having arrived earlier this month.

Terence Watson, Alstoms UK President, said: Were delighted to be able to showcase the work were doing in Nottingham with this new wrap which shows that not only do we have an important role to play in the city but also that were here to stay.

The wrap highlights the new routes available to local people by showing images of the new trams operating in Market Square, Theatre Square, Beeston Town Centre, Clifton, the QMC and Wilford Toll Bridge, with the tram wrap designed by local agency The Wonderland.

Alstom is also responsible for maintaining all of Nottinghams trams, both the existing designs and also the new Citadis models, at the Wilkinson Street depot.

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