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Alstom addresses future of energy at 25th annual POWER-GEN International

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Alstom experts gather alongside 21,000 participants and 1,400 exhibitors from over 75 countries for the 25th Power Generation Week in Orlando, FL, November 12th-14th.  

LIVE FROM POWER-GEN 2013 - Wed., Nov 13 @ 5:00pm ET

Alstom projects recognized at PGI's 'Projects of the Year' awards ceremony!

Exciting news here in Orlando, as Alstom’s Xiangjiaba hydroelectric power plant in China was awarded ‘Best Hydro/Marine Project' of 2013. The project, which consisted of four 800MW units, was selected by Pennwell not only for the sheer size but its industry leading technology, short delivery time, and impact on the community. Alstom delivered groundbreaking technology including custom ventilation, cooling components and patented double-layer thrust bearing pads to ensure reliability and maintain pressure distribution. When completed the 6,400MW plant is excepted to provide electricity to 40 million people.

The company was also recognized for its work on American Electric Power's (AEP) John W. Turk Power Plant which received the esteemed 'Plant of the Year' award for its clean, reliable, advanced ultra-supercritical coal power technology.  Alstom provided an advanced steam turbine fitted with high efficiency blades at the Turk plant, the most advanced coal plants in the U.S.

See you at the mega session tomorrow!

LIVE FROM POWER-GEN 2013 – Tues, 12 Nov @ 3:00pm ET

Greetings from Orlando, where POWER-GEN 2013 is in full-swing! Alstom’s participation in this high-profile energy industry event kicked-off early this morning, when Amy Ericson, the company’s U.S. Country President, participated in the conference’s Opening Keynote presentation. The discussion, centered on the concept of ‘Planning for the Future,’ offered Ericson an opportunity to share a number of recommendations from the perspective of a global technology provider. She emphasized the importance of being part a global strategy that explores the best practices that can help shape America’s long-term energy strategy. Ericson also underscored the need for more investment in making the country’s power grid infrastructure stronger and more resilient. In closing, she outlined the rationale behind keeping ‘all options on the table’ when it comes to addressing the world’s need for sustainable power generation, and discussed ‘smart retrofits’ for existing power plants that provide time needed for new clean energy technologies to come down the cost curve.

Alstom at POWER-GEN 2013

This annual event brings the biggest names in the industry together under one roof.  Participants have the opportunity to engage in panel sessions, networking events, and presentations on key trends, technologies, and policies facing the energy sector.

Amy Ericson, Alstom's U.S. Country President, will spearhead the event during a keynote speech on the future of the global energy market and the need to develop a stronger, more resilient power grid that can serve the needs of a diverse portfolio of energy sources.    

Representatives from Alstom's hydro, gas, steam, coal, services & maintenance, renewable energy, and emissions control businesses will be on site throughout the event to share knowledge and insight on the technologies that are shaping the energy industry. 

Alstoms key activities include:

Tuesday, November 12th

  • 9:30 11:30 a.m. Opening Keynote Session: Amy Ericson, President of Alstom Inc., will join leaders from the Duke Energy, Flour Corp, and OGE Energy Corp, to kick off the 25th POWER-GEN 2013 with the annual keynote session.
  • Valencia Ballroom, Orange County Convention Center West Halls
    • 1:30- 3:30 p.m. Session 8A- Latest Advances in Gasification and CO2 Reduction: During this discussion Alstom will provide an overview of some of the latest advances in oxy-combustion and how it is a reliable, flexible, and low-carbon power generation option.
    • Room W307C 

    Wednesday, November 13th

    • 1:30 3:30 p.m. Session #9C: Gas Turbines: Advances in O&M upgrades: Jeffrey Benoit of PSM, an Alstom company, will lead a session highlighting plant managers operate more efficiently while lowing costs and extending the life of the plant. Alstoms Arno Stein will also discuss the high fogging application for Alstoms gas turbines. 
    • Room W307C
    • 1:30-3:30 p.m. Session #6C - Multi-pollutant Emissions Control Technologies (NOX and Acid Gas): The latest in multi-pollutant emissions control technologies focusing on NOx and control of acid gases will be examined during this session on emissions control technology. Alstom will give a presentation on its NID DFGD Technology in operation at Brayton Point Power Plant.
    • Room W311A
    • 1:30-3:30 p.m. Session # 7C - Managing Our Fossil Base Load Fleet: This session will explore the operation of the existing fossil fleets and options for future capacity additions. Alstom will discuss advanced Ultra-supercritical steam power plants and designs for future capacity.
    • Room W307A

    Thursday, November 14th

    • 10:00 11:30 a.m. Master Session II: Large Frame Gas Turbines: Alstom joins other major combustion turbine manufacturers to present the latest developments and updates on large frame gas turbine products with case histories.
    • Room W304E    

     Come visit Alstoms Booth # 2300, and check back for live updates from the show.

    As one of world's leading provider of power generation technology, Alstom is dedicated to innovation. 

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