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Metropolis metros named after legendary football heroes in Budapest

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25th of November 2013., Budapest: Initiated by Alstom Hungary, the Municipality of Budapest dedicates two new Metropolis trainsets to the honour of Jen Buzánszky and Gyula Grosics, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the legendary 6:3 football victory over the UK. The football players unveiled the trainsets memory plates on a celebration in the presence of Istvan Tarlos, Mayor of Budapest and Alf Henryk Wulf, Alstoms Vice President for Central Europe. The event took place at the metro station named after Ferenc Puskas, captain of Hungarys world famous Golden Team.

The victory of Hungarys national football team on the 25th of November opened a new chapter in the countrys sport history. Hungarians have been proud to remember the 6:3 victory, taking place in the Wembley Stadium 60 years ago, against the UK, unbeaten for 90 years at that time.

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the match, to express its honor and appreciation towards living members of the team, for the proposal of Alstom Hungary Co. Plc. the Municipality of Budapest dedicates two new metro trainsets to Jen Buzánszky and Gyula Grosics, the former right back and goalkeeper of the Golden Team.

By the dedication of the trainsets, the organizations aim to salute the Anniversary and offer those 400.000 Budapest citizens a chance to remember the Golden Team, its famous players and their historic achievement, who commute on metro line 2 every day.

It is our utmost pleasure to express Alstoms appreciation by the dedication to the players of the Golden Team, who are recognized as legendary players not only in Europe but also around the globe said Alf Henryk Wulf, Alstoms Vice President for Central Europe. As a representative of a global company, I am happy to share such a moment with you today, which was initiated by our Budapest colleagues and which touches the heart of all Hungarians just as the sport loving community of the world he added.

In the history of Budapest, this is the very first time when a mean of public transport is dedicated to famous personalities. Also, it is the first time in the history of Alstom, when a metro trainset is named after legendary sportsman. Passengers will have the chance to see those symbols above the windows of the first and last metro cars of the Metropolis trainsets, which proudly represent that the trains are named after Jeno Buzanszky and Gyula Grosics.

On the Match of the Century, as the British call it themselves and how the sport loving community of the world still remembers it, two football empires met. Founders of the game, the British represented the style of the past while the Olympic Champion Hungarian team was recognized as the innovator.

Tactic of the Golden Team was to attack the opponent, in which the continuous rotation of the strikers played an important role and ultimately led to the confusion of the defenders. The 6:3 victory of the Mighty Hungarians against the British Lions surprised the UK so much that they were forced to rethink and redesign their football tactics.

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