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Production started for the 119 bogies of the eight Pendolino ETR 610 trains for the Swiss Federal Railways

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Alstom Schienenfahrzeuge Ltd, located in Neuhausen am Rheinfall in Switzerland, has started the production of the 119 bogies for the eight Pendolino ETR 610 trains ordered by the Swiss Federal Railway in Juli 2012.

The bogies are equipped with the reliable tilting technology developed by Alstom which allows the train to tilt on curves in the track thus reaching higher speeds than conventional trains. The Pendolino ETR 610 is 95% recyclable and uses an electrical brake system which injects brake power back into the catenary system, enabling energy consumption savings of up to 8%. Once finished, the bogies are taken to the Italian Alstom site of Savigliano, where the trains are fitted.

The handover of the first two trains are scheduled to be handed over to SBB by the end of 2014. As of spring 2015, SBB intends to operate these trains on the Gotthard line for the EuroCity trains to Milan. Thus, the new trains complement the Pendolino ETR 610 of the first series being reliably operated on the Simplon line.