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R&D company of Alstom in Russia celebrates its 20th anniversary

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On November the 1st, Alstom Power Uniturbo, the R&D company of Alstom for creation and modernization of gas turbines, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company established in 1993 was acquired by Alstom in 2000. Since then, Alstom Power Uniturbo has contributed to the development of every gas turbine from the modern production line.

For example, GT26 turbine has been in successful operation on Unit 8 of TEC-26 (Mosenergo branch) since 2011, and the efficiency of the unit is close to 59%, making it the most efficient combined cycle power unit in Russia today.

Over 100 R&D engineers of Alstom Power Uniturbo are involved in the R&D activities for the current global projects of Alstom and work on innovative solutions for the energy of the future.

Alstom invests a lot in the R&D activities: in 2012/13 financial year the total R&D investment was 737 million euro, which is 8% higher as compared with the previous one.