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Alstom to build an FGD plant for PGE GiEK SA, Bydgoszcz Combined Heat and Power Plant Complex Branch

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Today, Alstom Power Sp. z o.o. and PGE Gornictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna S.A. signed a PLN 73 million contract (17,5 mln euro) for the turn-key construction of a complete flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) plant for OP-230 K3 and K4 steam boilers at PGE GiEK SA, Bydgoszcz Combined Heat and Power Plant Complex Branch.

The FGD plant is based on Alstom's semi-dry NIDTM technology, which is one of the world's most advanced solutions currently on the market and guarantees high removal efficiency both in terms of desulphurisation and particulate removal. NIDTM has been successfully applied in more than 12 GW for Power and 120 plants for industrial sectors such as Waste to Energy and Iron & Steel.

"The FGD plant construction guarantees to keep flue gas SO2 concentration below 200 mg/Nm3 and flue gas dust concentration below 20 mg/Nm3, achieving full environmental compliance with IED regulations, which enables us to continue to operate K3 and K4 steam boilers and to cover the thermal balance for households and industry in Bydgoszcz after 2015", said Ryszard Popowski, Bydgoszcz Combined Heat and Power Plant Complex Branch Director.

"We take pride in offering our customer cutting-edge solutions in the field of environmental protection systems. We are very pleased as this is yet another project won by Alstom that will contribute to the reduction of the negative impact of emissions on the natural environment", said Leslaw Kuzaj, Alstom Poland President.

The work scope under the project covers the delivery of a complete FGD system and the construction of a new chimney, with the capacity to treat 160,000 to 340,000 Nm3/h flue gas, . Alstom's NIDTM system, which is based on lime as reagent, is characterized by compact reactor, integrated mixer & hydrator and high-end bag filter for dust collection.

The FGD plant taking over is scheduled on 15th of November 2015.