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Alstom Grid approved by the Department of Industry for SF6 gas handling and recovery

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Alstom Grid in Spain has been approved by the Department of Industry in the Community of Madrid as a training centre for the course " SF6 gas recovery in high voltage equipment. Since January 2013, this course has been mandatory to manipulate and retrieve this type of greenhouse gas and Alstom is one of the few companies in Spain approved to deliver this essential training.

SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) is a greenhouse gas which has excellent insulation properties, and is therefore commonly used as an insulator in electrical systems, especially in high voltage systems. Alstom has a proven and extensive track record in this field, from the manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning of high voltage equipment to its maintenance and repair. Products include gas insulated substations (GIS), power transformers and high voltage switches, all of which use SF6 gas as insulation. 

Training centre in Madrid

Alstoms training centre in Madrid is equipped with all the necessary means and resources (switches factory and workshop services) to handle special gas. Several Alstom Grid customers have already taken this course, including Gas Natural Fenosa. Alstom also offers this training to customers outside Spain helping them to meet the requirements for the safe and proper use of equipment and high voltage substations using SF6.

Porfolio of products and services

Alstom Grids environmentally-friendly solutions facilitate the energy transition by allowing renewable integration, energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The companys portfolio of services, such as the recovery and disposal of polluted gas and waste management for equipment at the end of its life, support customers in optimising their electrical infrastructures and prolonging asset lifecycle.

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