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Alstom Poland hosted CAEF meeting

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On 18-19 April 2013, The European Foundry Association meeting was held in Alstoms offices in Elblg, Poland. The meeting participants included more than 60 foundry industry representatives from such countries as Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Rumania and Russia. The meeting was also attended by the world foundry association representatives, including USA and Mexico, who came at the invitation of CAEF. CAEF meetings are held twice a year, each time in a different country.
During their stay in Poland, CAEF representatives visited Alstom Foundry in Elblg which comprises two plants: steel and iron foundry. The guests were shown the latest solutions in the field of engineering processes, high-class machinery, and equipment which guarantees the production of steel and iron castings subject to environmental protection requirements. During the conference held on 19 April 2013, CAEF members assessed the current situation of the global foundry industry and discussed the prospects of the European steel casting market in the context of the global economic crisis.
Organising such a meeting in Elblg-based foundry is a great honour to Alstom Poland. CAEF members were under a big impression of Alstoms high-end manufacturing base in the field of iron and steel casting production as well as the high standard of environmental protection solutions applied. I am convinced that the meeting will contribute to reinforcing the collaboration between foundries worldwide and to continuing the programme of expertise and experience exchange, Eugeniusz Szamp, Alstom Poland Foundry Director said.
Alstom Foundry based in Elblg is one of the biggest and most advanced foundries and the only plant of this type in Alstom group specialising in the production of sophisticated heavy castings for power generation industry which are delivered to Alstoms other plants worldwide. Established in 1948, steel foundry in Elblg produces steel castings of unit weight ranging from 3,500 to 70,000 kg. Iron foundry, commissioned in 2009, offers nodular iron castings of unit weight ranging from 15,000 to 55,000 kg. Castings manufactured by the Foundry are the key components of turbines installed in Poland and in many other countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, Holland, India, Canada, Mexico, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Hungary and UK. Alstom Foundry in Elblg presently employs 235 persons and had sales of over PLN 174 million in 2012/13.
Additionally, more than 200 specialists from cooperating companies are involved in the process implementation.

CAEF (The European Foundry Association), established in 1953, is an umbrella organisation of the European foundry industry. Its membership includes the national foundry associations from 20 European countries. The Polish member of CAEF is the Foundry Chamber of Commerce.

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