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Alstom signs a MOU with Max Bögl Wind AG to build a higher hybrid tower for an increased capacity factor of its onshore wind turbines

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Alstom signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Max Bögl Wind AG - a leader in planning and constructing wind energy plants in Germany - last 19th April. This agreement will enable the development of a 139 meters high tower specifically designed for Alstoms ECO 122 onshore wind turbines. 

Max Bögl has developed a hybrid concept for towers, made of concrete in the lower section and of steel in the upper section. This design will be adapted for Alstoms ECO122 perfectly suited for low winds sites, especially in Germany and northern & eastern Europe. 

This MOU will also cover a technology partnership for a new installation method. The concrete section of the tower will be pre-casted in Max Bögl factory, to ensure the maximum quality in the process. In addition, a new approach has been developed for the tower and wind turbine erection with the use of self-climbing tower cranes for construction on sites with very limited space. 

Most of the wind sites in Germany are low wind zones. In these areas, the height of the tower makes a difference because the higher the tower the more wind is available as higher winds can be captured - leading to more profitable wind farms. This opportunity applies mainly to wind turbines specifically suited for low winds, which have big rotors and good capacity factors such as Alstoms ECO 122 wind turbine.

The ECO 122 is the latest evolution of Alstoms proven ECO 100 wind turbine platform perfectly suited to low wind sites (class II B and III A). With its 122-metre rotor diameter and swept area of 11,700 m², the largest available in the 2 MW to 3 MW turbine segment. The ECO 122 combines high capacity factor with high nominal output.  

We want to combine a wind turbine with a big rotor diameter of 122 meters with a high tower of 139 meters to have an effective solution for Germany especially for forest areas with use of our tower crane to reduce the required area. Our hybrid tower is a combined solution of concrete and steel. We believe this is the best solution for the future, says Stefan Bögl, CEO of Max Bögl Wind AG.

Thanks to this MOU, Alstom and Max Bögl will develop higher tower wind turbines to satisfy a continued market need thus establishing a long term partnership.

Our continued investment in innovative wind turbines aims to better harness the wind resources and improve the yield in all wind conditions. With more profitable wind farms, our turbines increase the value for our customers. These higher towers will allow us to target new projects in Germany and northern & eastern Europe, where there are new opportunities in low wind site markets, said Alfonso Faubel, Alstoms Wind business Senior Vice President.

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