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Alstom has surpassed Fingrids performance expectations for Finlands first Static VAr Compensator

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Fingrid Oyj - Finlands sole transmission operator - has long been at the forefront of smart grid development and is connected to the Nordic-wide network, a connection that comes with both benefits and challenges. Large electricity loads are transmitted between countries from varied energy sources and both HVDC and FACTS connections are being implemented more and more, in order to ensure a safe and secure electricity supply.

Alstom Grids Static VAr Compensator (SVC), located at the Kangasala substation, is the first SVC installed in Finland in 2009. SVCs stabilise power oscillations, caused by trips or faults along power lines, and therefore avoid power disturbances to customers.

Alstom signed a three-year performance guarantee with Fingrid. From December 2009 to December 2012, the average availability rate was 99.9%, and over the last two years the rate has been 100%, meaning a constant flow of electricity. These are outstanding results, especially when you consider that the system had to contend with harsh winter conditions.

The Alstom SVC technology remains at Kangasala, where it continues to improve the operational safety margins of the Finnish and Nordic transmission networks, as well as promoting optimal conditions for an active electricity market. The success of this project further boosts Alstoms SVC credibility and will open new market opportunities