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Alstom consistently continues growth strategy in the field of railway services

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Especially smaller railway authorities in passenger and freight transport are looking for external solutions for time- and cost-intense maintenance and repair work of railway vehicles, which is subject to stringent legal regulations. Also state-owned railway authorities sometimes are contracting external plants for service solutions. Against the background that, in the coming years,  new invitations to tender will be issued and decided for about half of Germany s regional rail-bound mass transit, Alstom as rail vehicle manufacturer also sees good chances as a partner for daily maintenance business, even for vehicle fleets.

Alstom is the only manufacturer of railway technology which offers in Germany maintenance, service and modernization of all types of rail vehicles and their components for the construction series of all manufacturers and for transport information systems. Alstom TLS modernizes, repairs and maintains on the four sites of Braunschweig,  Salzgitter, Stendal und Waibstadt electrically and diesel powered passenger trains, locomotives and freight wagons. In addition, Alstom provides for the maintenance and service of train information systems and signaling technology as well as for documentation and training.

H3 shunting locomotive platform first order for the new generation

The development of the H3 shunting locomotive platform is in full swing. A first order for the delivery of the new H3 construction series has already been received: In March 2013, VW ordered three hybrid locomotives of the new type for the in-plant operation of the Wolfsburg site with options for additional vehicles. 
All locos will reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h and will be able to negotiate 60 curve radii without problem. The loco types of the H3 platform are designed for various main fields of application:

-    Accumulator (600 kW): Very light shunting services and tunnel work, being charged at standstill times
-    Hybrid (700 kW): Heavy to light shunting service
-    Dual engine (700 kW): Heavy shunting service and distribution of small trainsets in surrounding transport
-    Single engine (1,000 kW): Heavy shunting services and distribution of even heavier trainsets in surrounding transport

The delivery of vehicles approved for BOA is scheduled for 2014, that of vehicles approved for EBA (Federal Railway Office) for summer 2015. Alstom assumes that, in the near future, 80% of the shunting locomotive market will choose hybrid technology due to its advantages and high performance which substantially exceeds that of classic three-axle locos. Thanks to its robust NiCd battery technology, Alstoms hybrid technology can be used in all heavy shunting services under all temperature conditions and, throughout Europe, it  aims at a market of several thousand locomotives which are very obsolete and have high fuel consumption

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