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Alstom further boosts service offer by acquiring Engeman Serviços e Manutenção in Brazil

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Alstom Grid today announces that its acquiring the Brazilian company Engeman Serviços e Manutenção, a regional reference in medium and high voltage electrical services. Engeman serves a large portfolio of 300 customers in distribution and transmission markets, such as utilities, power generation companies and electro-intensive industries in various domains. The company executes more than 1300 service works per year.

With this acquisition Alstom complements its services portfolio in Latin America. Engeman has a fully equipped oil analysis laboratory for transformers, five mobile high-capacity oil treatment units and two regeneration mobile units which position the company as a partner in the fleet management of transformers and high potential reactors. Alstom also will add 60 experienced, customer-focused employees to its community of technical experts: these teams have demonstrated their know-how, agility and reactivity to perform high voltage electrical services during both emergency events and planned outages.

Alstom and Engeman already work together on the Rio Madeira project where Alstom is responsible for design and supply of a High Voltage Direct Current bi-pole converter station. This station is integrated into the longest transmission line of the world (2386 km) which connects the new hydro plants of the Madeira River to Brazils South-Eastern region. Engeman will provide erection and commissioning, as well as oil filling and treatment operations of Alstom HVDC converter transformers 500 MVA 600 kV.

Service activities represent a strategic lever for growth at Alstom Grid, says Jan Masschelin, Vice President of Alstom Grid Service. Our ambition is to even better fortify loyalty with our customers, offering them innovative, reliable and high quality service on Alstom and third party assets throughout their product lifecycle. As asset management partner, we support our customers in optimising electrical infrastructure and reinforce their return on investment. We are confident that Engemans customer proximity and operational excellence, fruitfully developed in the past few years will help us to take this next step towards reinforcing our market position in Latin America.

Engemans co-founders, Flavio and José Fabrin, are now part of the Brazilian Alstom Grid ServiceManagement Team. Flavio Fabrin said: We are proud to be recognized for multi-skilled capabilities in field service and are keen to pursue the development and success of our service activities as part of the Alstom Group. We will continue to serve our customers with best-in-class technologies and services that are both local and seamless.

José Fabrin, co-founder, added: This move is clearly win-win, as Alstom Grid shares its international design and engineering capabilities and Engeman retains a role as technological partner with clear insights into local needs. Competitiveness, agility and quality will remain our mutual key objectives.

The full scope of Engemans activities include field maintenance, erection and commissioning on both high voltage conventional components and power transformers up to 800 kV, oil treatment and purification services and oil analysis, as well as associated off and on-line maintenance recommendations. The companys facilities are based in Jaguariúna (São Paulo State).  


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