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Alstom joins COOPERATE, the European research programme for energy-positive neighbourhoods

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EMBIX, the Alstom and Bouygues Joint Venture Company, is taking part in COOPERATE, a European pilot project which aims to encourage groups of buildings and neighbourhoods which are producing more energy than they consume. The project received 3.5 million of funding as part of the European Commission Seventh research programme.

Together with six partners, EMBIX will develop an open, scalable and cloud-based IT platform integrating Alstoms e-terraplatform suite to deliver energy management for neighbourhoods. COOPERATE contributes to the 2020 European Union ambitions in terms of climate change and sustainability, which target 20% reduction in greenhouse gases and 20% increase in renewable integration and energy efficiency. 

The project brings together seven companies and research institutes: RWTH Aachen University (project leader), Embix, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Bouygues Energy & Services, Intel Labs, University of Manchester and United Technologies Research Centre, Ireland (UTRC-Ireland). 

The energy management platform will be piloted at the Bouygues headquarters at Guyancourt, near Paris, France, and the United Technologies Research Centre, Ireland.