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Jean-Daniel Lainé, SVP Ethics and Compliance will retire after 40 years in the company. Starting on 1st July, he will be replaced by Romain Marie, SVP Control and Audit since 2005. Romain Marie will report to Keith Carr, Alstom General Counsel. He will take over a department strengthened under Jean-Daniel Lainés management.

Jean-Daniel Lainé was appointed Power sector Compliance Director in 2004, then Group Compliance Director in 2006, when he created the Alstom Integrity Programme. In the same year he launched training sessions which have since been attended by thousands of people around the world. In addition to these sessions, an e-learning module e-Ethics has been deployed throughout the Group in nine languages since 2006. It has been completed by 50 000 employees. Moreover, numerous instructions have been created in all risk activities such as relations with the consultants, charitable or political contributions, joint-ventures and consortia and areas where conflicts of interests could arise.   

In 2007 and 2010, the Code of Ethics was updated. Translated in 22 languages, this document provides major principles and rules which each employee is required to respect.  

In order to tackle ethical challenges arising, Jean-Daniel Lainé works within a team including Sector Compliance Officers and Compliance Officers in 9 countries (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, the United Kingdom and USA). A community of 300 Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors, all volunteers, has also been created to promote the integrity culture of the Group wherever it is present.

Thanks to the Groups efforts to reinforce its Ethics & Compliance rules, the independent agency ETHIC Intelligence certified the companys processes in 2009 and renewed the certificate for two years in September 2011.

Jean-Daniel Lainé will continue to share his expertise with other companies wishing to consolidate their rules in Ethics & Compliance.  

Jean-Daniel Lainé, holds an engineering degree from ESME, IAE Paris and is the former auditor of lInstitut des Houtes Etudes de Défence Nationale. Jean-Daniel started his career at Compagnie Electro-Mécanique in France and joined Alstom in 1983 at different operational positions in power generation and transportation activities. He then held various functional positions in strategic development, International Network in charge of Europe and USA, Finance and Human Resources. He was appointed Vice President Chairmans Office in 1999 and then Vice President Compliance for the Power Sectors in 2004. Since January 2006, Jean-Daniel Lainée has beenSenior Vice-President Ethics & Compliance for the Group.

Romain Marie, 49 years old, holds an economics diploma from Institut de Sciences Politiques de Paris. He started his career in Alstom in 2003 after holding several audit functions (Arthur Andersen and PWC) and financial controlling positions (VALEO) in counselling and industry. From 2003 to 2004, Romain Marie was head of finance for Rolling Stock in Alstom Transport and he joined the Group in 2005 as SVP Internal Audit and Control.


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