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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk visited Alstom factory in Elblg

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Today, on 21 June 2013, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk visited Alstom factory in Elblg, Poland. The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of Regional Development, Ms Elbieta Biekowska. Danuta Tamara Kuczyska, Alstom Power Management Board Vice President and Alstom Poland Finance Director, and Wojciech Peret, Alstom Power Management Board Vice President and Turbine Factory Director, played host to the Prime Minister and introduced him to Alstoms activity in Poland. During the visit paid to Elblg-based Turbine Factory, Polands most advanced factory of this type, the visitors learned about the turbine production process.

Alstoms Turbine Factory in Elblg was established in 1948. Today, it manufactures complete steam turbines (various power output ranges) and modules, as well as subassemblies, components and spare parts for steam, gas, and nuclear power plants. More than 320 steam and gas turbines manufactured in the Elblg Turbine Factory are currently in operation worldwide.

Furthermore, the factory conducts activities related to machining of all types of components, as well and assembly of turbines and turbosets of weights up to 120 tonnes. As far as turbine blade manufacturing is concerned, the factory applies innovative technological solutions, such as automated five-axle machining centres and computer-based blade profile measurement. The blading production line executes comprehensive manufacturing of stationary and rotor blades made of various materials (maximum length up to 1,600 mm).

The factorys innovative products, services and management methods have been recognised by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the award of the Grand Prix in 2011. This prestigious distinction was associated with development of Automatic Correction System (ACS), which is extensively used in the process of manufacturing turbine blades.