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Citadis Compact unique design unveiled to the Pays dAubagne et de lEtoile

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June 28, 2013 - Magali Giovannangeli, Chairperson of the Pays dAubagne et de lEtoile, together with artist Hervé Di Rosa and Alstom Transport Design&Styling Director Xavier Allard, unveiled the design and livery of Alstoms first Citadis Compact. The first tram - out of eight ordered in October 2011 - is currently being manufactured at the La Rochelle manufacturing site where it will be tested this summer.

The Aubagne Citadis Compact is a work of art which results from a collaboration between Hervé Di Rosa and Alstom Transports Design&Styling department, not to forget the conurbations children who were also involved in the creative work. Hervé Di Rosas contribution has turned it into a one-of-a-kind tram featuring adornments that are warm, colourful and decidedly human.  In addition, its rounded design expresses a feeling that is all lightness and softness. The residents of Aubagne will discover this design in real life in February 2014, when the first trainset is to be delivered.

The 22-metre-long Citadis Compact which can hold up to 130 passengers meets efficiently mobility requirements in intermediate-sized conurbations. It has inherited the benefits from the technological expertise and feedback garnered from the more than 1,650 Citadis tramways sold worldwide since the range was launched back in 1997. Its innovations continue facilitating and optimising its commercial operation: the permanent magnetic motors help to reduce power use, while the accessibility of key components like bogies or air-conditioning units facilitate maintenance and reduce tram downtime for more efficiency.

Moreover, it provides passengers with more space and comfort, as well as improved passenger flow thanks to the double doors the first time on trams of this length and to the width of its central aisle. Therefore, accessibility and passenger exchanges are significantly enhanced.

Six out of the 10 Alstom facilities in France are working on the Aubagne Citadis tram: La Rochelle where the tram is designed and manufactured, Ornans (motors), Le Creusot (bogies), Tarbes (electrical and electronic equipment for the traction systems), Villeurbanne (on-board electronics and passenger information) and Saint-Ouen (design).

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Citadis compact - Pays dAubagne et de lEtoile