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Alstom Wind reaches an agreement with workers to implement the adjustment plan

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  • The number of workers affected has been reduced to 265, and this includes the possibility of relocations
  • Additional measures were offered in order to minimise the impact of the plan, such as early retirements, voluntary adhesions, employment opportunities as well as complementary compensation above what is legally stipulated.
  • The Group confirms its commitment to strengthen the global R&D centre, located in Barcelona, as well to maintain the global headquarters of the wind division in Spain.

Alstom Wind has reached an agreement with workers, ratified by the majority of personnel, for the application of the adjustment plan announced last February 26th. This plan has as its objective, the adaptation of the wind business in the context of the profound crisis of the sector, especially as relates to Spain.

Finally, 265 positions jobs will be affected, in contrast to the 373 originally forecast. Thanks to relocations contemplated in this process, we hope to reduce this number, by offering alternative positions for the vast majority of those workers affected.

 The agreement we have reached contemplates the following concrete and accompanying measures:

  • Relocations. Protecting jobs, via internal or external relocations, has been a priority during the entire process. In the case of personnel at O&M, the company is doing all in its power for external companies to offer indefinite positions to all affected employees. For the rest of the workers, the objective is to relocate as many as possible internally at other Alstom Wind sites globally; or within other areas of the Alstom Group. These relocations will be managed as soon as the agreement with workers is ratified, and in line with existing vacancies. These relocations can be solicited as of July 15th at As Somozas and Rio do Pozo as well as at O&M sites, until July 20th at Altamira and until July 31st at the central offices in Barcelona.
  • Severance pay of 40 days per year worked, for those employees that have opted for voluntary adhesion or whose internal relocation is not possible.
  • Voluntary Adhesion.- We have established a period of voluntary adhesion with a gross payment of 10,000 euros, which will be added to the agreed severance pay per the collective agreement. This can be solicited until July 30th at As Somozas and Rio do Pozo as well as the O&M sites, until July 20th at Altamira and until July 31st at the central offices in Barcelona.
  • Early retirement for workers as of age 56.  
  • Creation of an employment bureau (Bolsa de Empleo), in place until December 31st, 2014, for the possibility of rehires of affected employees

For the work centre at Buñuel, an agreement is in place until December 31st, 2013 for a temporary reduction of work (Expediente de Regulación Temporal de Empleo or ERTE), which will permit greater flexibility in order to adjust production capacity to real workloads and to fill all orders for the coming months. 

The Group confirms its commitment to maintain in Spain its knowledge base and technology development of Alstom Wind, via its global R&D centre and headquarters, located in Barcelona.

The agreement has been reached thanks to the desire by all parties to look for solutions and engage in dialogue in order to minimize the impact of the adjustment plan.