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Alstom and DB Regio AG to work together for the Building bridges campaign day

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A train trip for the children from KöKi e.V. and expansion of a nursery playground

For the sixth time, Alstom is involved in the Building bridges campaign day, and is thus working together with DB Regio AG for the first time. For the children, parents and carers involved in KöKi e.V., a therapeutic facility for physically disabled children in Braunschweig, Germany, the partners are organising a train trip from Braunschweig train station to Salzgitter, passing through Peine and the steel furnaces of the Salzgitter AG. The high point of the day for the almost 100 participants will be a visit to the Alstoms own railway museum on the companys factory premises.
Alstom is particularly active this year as, in addition to its longstanding support of KöKi, the company is also involved in a further project. Thomas Engel, head of Purchasing at Alstom, will also be lending a hand with his team on the campaign day. In Linden, a district of Wolfenbüttel, they will be expanding the playground of a nursery.

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