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Alstom Participates at World Bank Transportation Forum

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On January 16-17, the World Bank and EMBARQ, the sustainable transport program of the World Resources Institute, hosted the ‘Transforming Transportation: Better Cities, Better Business’ conference at the World Bank in Washington, DC, where Alstom participated in a panel debate. 

The World Bank provides the bulk of funding for transportation projects in developing countries and shapes the global sustainable transport agenda. This annual event is a unique opportunity for the global transport community to discuss how to achieve large-scale and widespread adoption of sustainable solutions. This year's conference focused on opportunities for business to help advance the sustainable transport agenda for cities. And for the first time, the World Bank invited private sector to present its vision on how transportation can transform cities into engines of economic growth.  

Giles Dickson, Alstom’s VP Environmental Policies and Global Advocacy (pictured speaking in the top image above), spoke as part of a panel on ‘Climate Financing for Urban Mobility’, encouraging a discussion on challenges and opportunities to fund low-carbon transport systems in developing countries, and in particular how to tap into the innovative financing schemes, such as climate finance and bonds. The panel also looked into the respective roles of private and public sectors in driving investments in clean, inclusive and affordable public transportation, and in particular rail based transportation.