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Alstom Renewable Power in Spain awarded a prize for its commitment to industrial and technological development

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Ignacio Fernández de Aguirre (left), Director of the Bilbao Hydro unit, receives the award 


Alstom Renewable Power in Spain has been awarded a prize for its commitment to the industrial development in the Basque Country. The XXII edition of the Euskal makila award, hosted by the Fundación Empresa Vasca y Sociedad, has acknowledged Alstom for its engagement and willingness in terms of industrial and technological innovation in the region.

The prize-giving ceremony took place on 20th October in the Guggenheim Museum with the presence of institutions, economic leaders and politicians.

Alstom´s industrial centre in Bilbao is one of 9 that the company operates in the hydroelectric energy business worldwide and is specialised in the manufacturing of generators. The site also works on the development of new ocean and renewable energies within the framework of Alstoms R&D programmes worldwide. In this area, it also has the support of local authorities and institution, such as the Basque Government, EVE (Ente Vasco de Energía) and Tecnalia.  Figures last year show that 80% of manufactured products at the Vizcaya facilities are exported, primarily to Latin America, Asia and the rest of Europe.

Alstom Hydro in Bilbao is part of the largest global industrial and technology group related to hydroelectric energy. With over 100 years of experience, Alstom is the worlds leading manufacturer of hydroelectric energy equipment. Globally, one in every four hydroelectric plants is equipped with Alstom technology.

In Spain, the first project dates back to 1906 with the construction of the Zumarresta damn, owned by Iberdrola. Since then, Alstom has installed in Spain over 300 hydroelectric turbines and 2.000 generators, with a total installed capacity of 7 gigawatts, 40% of the total hydroelectric capacity in the country.