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Alstom brings Unit 6 of otanj power plant to full load

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Alstom successfully operated Unit 6 of otanj power plant in Slovenia at its full capacity of 600 MW for the first time. This major achievement in terms of reliability comes only one month after the successful completion of the synchronization of unit 6 to the Slovenian grid and the production of the first MWs, and 3 months after the first fire of the boiler. Once in operation, the new unit will generate approximately one third of Slovenias power production, thus allowing the country to ensure its independence on energy imports.

We are all extremely proud of this major achievement, says Jérôme Poupon, otanj Project Director. Bringing Unit 6 to 600 MW is the result of 5 years of hard work in close collaboration with our Customer TES. Compared to the existing units, unit 6 will increase the net efficiency from 30% to 43%. At the same time, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 20%; SOx and NOx emissions by approximately 50%.

Alstom signed a contract with TES in 2008, under which Alstom the Group will supply the complete power island of the new otanj Unit 6 (comprising the steam turbine, generator set, water-steam cycle, the boiler and the ALSPA distributed control system) for Unit 6 which will be added to the existing otanj power plant units.

Alstom has previously installed two 114 MW gas turbines in Slovenia (228 MW in total) as well as several steam turbines both for electricity production and district heating, and is executing service contracts in the country. Alstom has already carried out work on the otanj power plant, modernising the boiler for unit 5, in order to reduce emissions and meet environmental requirements.