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Best Alstoms Energy Storage Product at European Utility Week

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Alstom Grid has been awarded the Product Innovation Awards in Energy Storage at the European Utility Week conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, gathering over 350 Smart Grid solution providers.

Alstoms winning entry is MaxSineTM eStorage, a smart converter solution for energy storage selected according to 4 main criteria: innovative originality, practicality, sustainability and design. The smart solution connects batteries to the electrical network, at medium or high voltage, and gives operators the ability to save and control electricity for future use.

The solution has been deployed to Nice Grid in France, the world first smart-solar energy demonstration project, handling megawatt-scale storage since December 2013. It will also be delivered in the coming weeks to south of Paris in Les Renardières, EDFs R&D laboratory dedicated to the development of grids and smart electrical systems, and will be used for frequency regulation.

More information about MaxSineTM eStorage:

MaxSineTM eStorage is a sustainable solution that directly addresses todays energy challenges, increasing energy efficiency. It supports and accelerates the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources by balancing energy flow in real-time according to consumer demand.