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Alstom commissions new equipment at two new units of Novogorkovskaya power plant

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Today, two new combined-cycle units based on GT13E2 gas turbines by Alstom were commissioned at Novogorkovskaya Thermal power plant in Russia [1]. With a total capacity of 350 MW, the new units will help nearly double the electrical capacity of Novogorkovskaya power plant, which was commissioned in 1956.

The construction of the new units was launched in December 2012. This project is part of the frame agreement signed in 2011, between Alstom and Renova Group regarding the supply of five of Alstom's GT13E2 gas turbines of 180 MW each for IES-Holding: for Novogorkovskaya (2 turbines) and Nizhneturinskaya (2 turbines) thermal power plants (TPP) and 1 turbine for Akademicheskaya power plant.

In late November, the equipment installed by Alstom at Novogorkovskaya TPP successfully passed the reliability run with 72-hours' full-load tests.

Andrey Lavrinenko, Vice President Global Power Sales for Russia and CIS at Alstom, said: "The GT13E2 is one of Alstom's largest equipment fleets, and has already achieved more than 10 million operating hours. We are confident that our Russian customer, IES-Holding, will appreciate the high quality of our turbines, their availability and optimized maintenance costs, which will mean a reliable energy supply for consumers thanks to our equipment".

Over 150 power generating units using GT13E2 turbine have been installed or ordered in the world so far. Moreover, Alstom GT13E2 turbines are already in use on the CIS market. The first turbine was commissioned in 2009 at Minskaya TPP-3 in Belarus. Since 2010, two more turbines have been put into operation at Razdanskaya and Erevanskaya TPPs in Armenia. In 2015 and 2016, Alstom equipment is scheduled for commissioning at two new CCP units at Nizhneturinskaya and one at Akademicheskaya TPP (Ekaterinburg).

(1) Nizhny Novgorod branch of TGC-6 owned by the IES-Holding which is an energy asset of Renova Group and Russias largest private company operating in the electrical power and heat supply industry.