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TE Plomin and Alstom sign contract for the construction of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) plant for Plomin 2 Power Plant

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TE Plomin and Alstom signed a turn-key contract for a total value of approximately 17 million aiming at the construction of a complete Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) plant for the existing Plomin 2 power plant in Plomin, Croatia, which has a gross power output of 210 MWe. The Commissioning of this SCR plant is scheduled in the mid- 2017. Plomin 2 is a coal-fired power plant, built and operated by HEP and German RWE Group. The plant was put into operation in the year 2000 and forms the backbone of Croatian base-load power production.

The scope of work covers the delivery of a complete SCR system with the capacity to treat a flue gas flow up to 720.000 Nm3/h. Alstoms SCR system is based on ammonia water as reducing agent to convert the NOx to nitrogen (N2) and water vapour on the catalyst surface. It features Alstoms proprietary IsoSwirlTM mixing system for higher removal efficiency of NOx, more effective use of ammonia, and reduced ammonia slip, which are the key performance requirements of an SCR system.

The SCR plant is based on Alstoms SCR technology, which is one of the most advanced solutions currently on the market, thanks to high removal efficiency of nitrogen oxides. It has been successfully applied in more than 50,000 MWe of generating capacity.

The SCR plant, upon completion, will keep NO2 concentration below 80 mg/Nm3, thus not only complying fully with IED regulations, but reducing our environmental footprint in the Plomin region beyond what is required today by emission. In the last 12 years we have invested 100 million kuna in modern technologies in Plomin, to provide clean environment to our fellow citizens. The last investment was in wet ash disposal at a landfill, worth eight million kuna. We follow this strategy of having the cleanest possible production since the first start-up of Plomin2 as we designed the power plant including a desulphurisation solution although it was not statutory at that time explained Ralf Blomberg, member of board of TE Plomin and CFO of RWE Hrvatska.

We are grateful for the opportunity given by TE Plomin to participate in this important initiative towards lowering the environmental impact of power generation activities at Plomin 2 Power Plant, said Denis Peranic, Alstom Country President in the Balkans. We take pride in supporting our customers with cutting-edge solutions in the field of environmental protection systems and providing a unique solution to achieve compliance with increasingly more stringent environmental regulations, while ensuring reliable supplies of electricity and cleaner air for the future.

Croatia is under the obligation of harmonizing its industrial facilities with border emission values pursuant to the EU Directive by 1 January 2018,, pointed out Perica Juki, the President of the Management Board of HEP d.d. The denox facility at Plomin 2 Power Plant forms part of these measures, although the installation of new expensive equipment is not always cost-effective in most thermal facilities, due to their old age. With this in mind, HEP has been developing the projects of new, replacement generating units on existing locations, including the site of TE Plomin. Modern technological solutions, with a high degree of fuel efficiency and more efficient systems and measures for limiting polluting emissions will be implemented in the replacement unit in Plomin, as well as on other locations, which will facilitate capacity and generation increase while also lowering the environmental impact, said Juki.

TE Plomin d.o.o. was always proactive in environmental protection and installation of SCR Plant proves it. This project is of great importance for our plant and for the local area. We will drastically lower NOX emissions after DENOX installation and provide air quality even better than what is required today, explained Mihajlo Mirkovi, member of the board of TE Plomin d.o.o.

The SCR system will be built according to requirements specified by TE Plomin. This includes for instance state-ofthe-art Ammonia Direct Injection System (ADIS) to inject ammonia water directly in flue gas without any external conditioning (evaporation, dilutions). In order to ensure the SCR plant delivers the guaranteed performance, Alstom engineers will conduct Computerised Flow Dynamics modelling in Alstoms Lab in Växjö Sweden.