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Alstom Grid gears up for IEEE-PES T&D 2014

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Live from IEEE T&D!

Alstom launches its new Smart Asset Management Solution for utilities at IEEE 2014. This new solution centralizes data into one single interface to help customers improve equipment reliability, cost optimization, risk management and strategic asset planning.

Alstom is set to join over 10,000 of biggest names in the energy business for the 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition from April 14th-17th, in Chicago, IL. This year IEEE Power & Energy Society celebrates 50 years of thought leadership, innovation, change, and advancement in the field of energy. The theme of this years conference will be to look back on the past while exploring the technologies, companies, and products that will shape the next 50 years.  Alstom experts will participate in super sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, meetings and engage with customers and industry leaders to gain and share insights into the technologies that are driving the industry.

This year, Alstom will launch Smart Asset Management Solutions, which combines product, solution and service frameworks to help customers manage maintenance and asset replacement strategies.  Join us at our booth  #5425  on Tuesday, April 15th, to celebrate the launch and participate in demonstrations. Click here for more info.

Stop by our booth to speak with Alstom subject matter experts and learn about our advanced technologies, products, and features including:

  • Integrated Transmission and Distribution Management Systems
  • Wide Area Monitoring Systems
  • Demand Response Management Systems
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems
  • Utility Consulting and System Integration Services
  • Demo of our DT1-362 kV Circuit Breaker
  • Full suite of Disconnect Switches: Vertical Break, Center Break & CABA
  • Conventional Instrument Transformers
  • Gas Insulated Substations 
  • Substation Automation Systems including Smart Digital Substations
  • Digital Instrument Transformers
  • Power Electronics including: High Voltage Direct Current solutions, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems and Reactive Power Compensation Solutions
  • T&D Services- including Power Transformer Fleet Management 


Alstom Grid will be participating in the following panel sessions:

Wednesday, April 16th  

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm- 14TD0210 - SVC Refurbishment for Smart Grid Power Quality Enhancement and Life Extension

Part of:  SUBpnl02 - FACTS/Power Electronics Installations

Location: W184A 

Main Author - Bertrand Depommier, Alstom Grid

8:00 am - 10:00 am- PSOpnl01 - Model HVDC and FACTS in Grid and Market Operations

Location: W184A

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and HVDC increase operational flexibility, system reliability, and electricity market efficiency. Latest HVDC technology also provides the backbone for large-scale renewable integration, such as off-shore wind in Europe, etc. In order to unlock the full potential benefits of HVDC and FACTS, it is necessary to have advanced modeling and analysis tools to assist system and market operators. The tools (applications) need to properly capture physical and operational characteristics of these “smart systems” and also their interactions with other devices in the grid, under a variety of actual and simulated operating conditions. This panel will focus on the HVDC and FACTS system impacts, and present the latest modeling progress in market and grid operations.

Power System Operations

Moderator - Xing Wang, Alstom Grid

Tuesday, April 15 

14TD0639 - Enhance System Flexibility with HVDC and FACTS 

 Presenter - Xing Wang , Alstom 

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm- TDpnl03 - HVDC Transmission and FACTS Fundamentals

Location: W184A

There has been a renewed interest in the application of HVDC transmission schemes in recent years, for applications including back-to-back converters, bulk power transfer, and off-shore wind applications, as well as proposals for HVDC grids. In addition, applications requiring dynamic reactive compensation utilizing FACTS controllers have been increasing. Reactive compensation is often used to improve voltage regulation or to enhance power transfer. In many cases, reactive compensation using fixed or mechanically switched capacitors is sufficient. However, some applications require the reactive compensation to vary dynamically using FACTS devices. This panel session introduces fundamental concepts of both HVDC transmission and FACTS controllers. The presentations are tutorial in nature and do not presume familiarity with power electronics. It is intended that these sessions will provide the background material that enables attendees to proceed to the more technically advanced presentations in this conference.

Transmission and Distribution

Moderator - Brian Johnson,University of Idaho

Presenter- 14TD0667 - HVDC Technology: VSC- Neil Kirby, Alstom 

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