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Alstoms significant contribution to Chamera III HPP makes it win laurels

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The 231 MW Chamera III Hydroelectric Project, which was successfully commissioned by Alstom in 2012, was bestowed the Gold Shield under National Award for meritorious performance in Power Sector under the category Early Completion of Hydro Power Projects. The award was presented on 4th February 2014 by Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Honble Union Minister of State for Power to Alstoms client NHPC for the early completion of the Unit 3 of Chamera III HEP. The award was given on the basis of evaluation carried out by Central Electricity Authority (CEA). 

Remarkable feat: 

On June 28 2012, Alstom had achieved the synchronization and full load of the three 77 MW units of the Chamera III hydro power plant project. It had also completed the commissioning of this project in 3 weeks much ahead of schedule time of 3 months. The first synchronization coincided with same day when water was made available for the first day, after dam reached the required level on-site.

Previously, Alstom had completed the spinning of 3 Francis vertical turbines, recording a rated speed of 333 rotations per minute in a record time of less than 10 hours, thus setting a new benchmark for the spinning of turbines within the Indian hydro sector. 

Construction Highlights

Alstom left no stone unturned in the successful completion of the Chamera IIl project. During its course of completion the project had several milestones to its credit.

As per normal practice, E&M erection works are undertaken after the completion of the relevant civil works. However, due to various reasons and in order to continuously meet customers commitment towards various forums including Ministries, E&M works were carried out in parallel to the civil works. Even though it created challenging conditions for site installation, Alstom was successful in achieving the feat.

As also, the first unit of the plant was erected by Alstom by making special arrangements without the EOT Crane. Generally erection of spiral case and stay rings are done with EOT Crane from civil.

Due to non-availability of Control Building, Alstom had set up a temporary Control Room on the Service Bay with complete set up of Control System. The Dry Commissioning was almost completely carried out from this temporary server room. It was a huge advantage as it brought forward the commissioning of the Units. 

Overcoming the odds:

The fact that the Chamera III plant was completed three months ahead of schedule illustrates the exemplary work and coordination by Alstom. However, the road to success was filled with various challenges that included:

  • Strong co-activity with civil works during commissioning and erection.
  • Strong focus to maintain EHS (Environment Health & Safety) high standards; but continuous follow up and push ensured safety for all.

Alstoms role in the project:

Situated on the river Ravi in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, Chamera III is the first project executed on turnkey basis by Alstom from his Indian Unit of Vadodara which has reached commercial operation. Complete turbine, generator, main inlet valve, governing, control & protection systems were designed, manufactured and supplied from its state-of-the-art facility at Vadodara. In a similar way, electrical and mechanical balance-of-plants were also designed there.

The power generated from this project provides additional power capacity to the Northern Grid to meet the nations developing demand, thus feeding all the northern states of India.