Alstom to supply 29 Coradia Continental regional trains to VMS in Germany

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Alstom has been awarded a 150 million contract1 to supply 29 Coradia Continental electrical trains to Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen GmbH (VMS) in Central Saxony, Germany and a servicing contract over a period of 16 years. The first contract includes purchase options for up to 23 additional trains. The trains are scheduled to enter commercial service in June 2016 on the Mittelsachsen II electricity network, from Elsterwerda and from Dresden through Chemnitz and Zwickau to Hof.

We are pleased that VMS has chosen our modern solutions which include the Rolling Stock and the servicing. These contracts constitute a new economic model for the customer as it guarantees the quality and reliability of service, says Andreas Knitter, Senior Vice-President Europe of Alstom Transport.

Within the award process, we met Alstom as a very reliable partner so far. We are convinced, that we found a supplier, which will deliver and maintain modern multiple units for our passengers, says Dr. Harald Neuhaus, managing director of VMS GmbH.

Alstoms regional train Coradia Continental is able to circulate at a commercial speed of 160 km/h. It offers excellent acceleration characteristics, reducing travel time. The three-car and five-car trainset2 versions will be able to carry up to 320 and 520 passengers respectively. A special emphasis has been placed on the comfort of the passengers.

Multi-purpose areas provide space for wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers. The traction equipment is located on the roof, allowing spacious interior design including a large corridor for easier movement within the train.

Coradia Continental is equipped with a low floor, and handrails, that facilitate the access on board and circulation of passengers. The trains are equipped in accordance with the latest European crash standards, thereby providing a high degree of safety for the train drivers and passengers.

The 29 trains will be manufactured at Alstoms site in Salzgitter. Alstom employees will perform their maintenance until the end of 2032 in the workshop near Chemnitz. Up-to-date information regarding the maintenance3 of the trains will be provided to all project members via a central information platform. The servicing contract also includes the maintenance planning the supply of spare parts as well as the main inspections.

Coradia Continental belongs to Alstoms Coradia range of modular trains which benefit from over 30 years experience and proven technical solutions. More than 3,000 Alstom regional trains have been sold and 1,200 Coradia trains are currently circulating in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

1 - The contract was booked in Q4 of fiscal year 2013/14
2 - 13 three-car and 16 five-car trainsets
3 - Alstom takes over the role as Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) and is therefore registered in the national register of rolling stock.


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