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First C-inspection of CCP-420 is launched at Moscow TPP-26

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Alstom has set upon the first C-inspection of CCP-420 at TPP-26 located in the south of Moscow. Scheduled activities include inspections of GT26 gas turbine, gas turbine generator, waste heat boiler, steam turbine, steam turbine generator, water steam cycle equipment and APCS. The first C inspection is expected to last until early May 2014, after which the power unit will be re-hooked up.

In September 2012, Alstom and Mosenergo signed a 14-years' service agreement for CCP-420 at TPP-26 worth more than EUR 100 mln. Thus, Alstom has become the first foreign contractor in the history of the Russian power industry to be entrusted with such a large scope of service operations. This agreement provides for an entire range of maintenance services, including daily maintenance of the CCP and supply of spares and it covers all the primary and auxiliary equipment of the power unit.

Managing Director of Thermal Power Service of Alstom Russia Witali Borodan, said: "The first activities conducted as part of the C-inspection have shown that despite 28 thousand operational hours, our equipment is in a good state. This is yet another evidence of the high quality that Alstom guarantees to its customers all over the world".

"Based on inspection results, we intend to obtain a power unit that will operate without interruptions until the next inspection", says Deputy Chief Engineer for Technical Retooling and Repair, Director of the Equipment Operation Department of Mosenergo JSC Alexander Novozhilov.

Unit No. 8 of CCP-420 of Mosenergo TPP-26 was commissioned on June 30, 2011. Primary contractor for power unit "turnkey" construction was a consortium of the companies comprising French and Swiss subsidiaries of Alstom and EM-Alliance JSC. The power unit has been built on the basis of Alstom KA26-1 combined cycle unit, comprising a GT26 gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator and STF30c steam turbine. Installed electric capacity of the power unit is 420 MW, heat capacity is 265 MW. Performance factor of CCP-420 (in condensation mode) amounts to some 59% this is a record-breaking indicator for the Russian heat power industry. This power unit features a low emission level compliant with the most stringent environmental regulations, whereas its operational efficiency in condensation mode allows to reduce natural gas consumption by more than one third as compared to an average Russian power plant.