The conveyors of the extreme

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Trams, metros, locomotives, regional, high or very high-speed trains, Alstom Transport products are exceptional and can weigh up to 100 tons and measure more than 40 metres.

The transportation of these products from their production sites to the sites where they will be placed in revenue service, exhibited or tested is subject to a certain number of constraints managed within the company by a specially dedicated team as far up-stream of projects as possible.

Capable of embarking these trains on the worlds largest ships and crossing intercontinental borders on highway trailers or by rail, the Alstom Transport Exceptional Transportation team is a team of globetrotters.

At the same time technicians and buyers, their know-how permits the anticipation of transport sourcing costs as well as the legal and physical constraints of transporting these Alstom giants.

Thanks to their expertise, Alstom products are shipped to all continents: from Brazil to India, France to Kazakhstan, Singapore to Shanghai, and also from Spain to Central America, Lima, Cuenca and Panama.