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Alstom is to supply 15 Citadis Dualis tram-trains to SNCF for a total of 80 million euros

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Alstom will supply 15 Citadis Dualis for the Ile-de-France region after an SNCF exercise of option on behalf of STIF. This order, which is part of the framework agreement signed in 2007 on behalf of the French regions, amounts to a total of 80 million euros. The delivery of the 15 Citadis Dualis tram-trains will begin in the summer of 2016 for an expected commercial operation from July 2017, on the Epinay-sur-Seine and Le Bourget sections of the TLN line[1].

Designed to meet the need for increased fluidity between the urban and suburban transport networks, the Citadis Dualis is the link between the city centre and the suburbs without passenger interchange, balancing the benefits of train and tram. With a design based on Alstom's Citadis tramway, the Dualis features the core characteristics that created its success: modularity, accessibility, reliability. Dualis is equally capable of running on both tram and regional rail networks, through adaptations concerning the power, safety and comfort. This configuration makes it a versatile mode of transport: the tram gauge allowing inner-city transport, and its train performance enabling it to transport passengers to the outskirts at nearly 100 km/h without the need to change modes of transport. Citadis Dualis contributes to sustainable mobility, by revitalising urban spaces and enhancing the architectural heritage of the city.

To date, 48 Citadis Dualis tram-trains have already been made at Alstom's Valenciennes site: 24 for the Rhône-Alpes region in commercial service in western Lyon since 2012, and 24 trains for the Pays-de-la-Loire, in commercial service on the Nantes-Clisson and Nantes-Châteaubriant  lines from June 2011 and February 2014 respectively.  This first contract for the Ile-de-France region will also be completed at Valenciennes.

In Europe, over 150 Alstom tram-trains (Citadis Dualis and Regio Citadis) have already been sold and have travelled over 50 million kilometres (1.8 million kilometres for the Citadis Dualis in France: Nantes & Lyon). This Alstom technology is also being exported with the Citadis Spirit adapted to the North American market.

[1] Tangentielle Légère Nord


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