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Alstom encourages ex-service personnel to consider career in engineering

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A team from Alstom Power attended a special event organised by the Engineering Construction Training Board (ECITB) to encourage members of the Armed Forces who are leaving the Services to consider careers in engineering.
Around 300 people from the Army, Navy and Air Force attended the event, which was held in conjunction with the Talent Retention Solution and supported by the Careers Transition Partnership, with Alstom being one of the companies taking part.
Rory Hunkin, General Manager NE Ops said Were looking for people who are leaving the armed services with transferrable skills that we can put good use in the projects that were involved with, whether thats helping EDF build Hinkley Point C or working to build the gas-fired power stations and renewable projects that will keep the UKs lights on for decades to come. Clearly, theres a major skills gap across the board in engineering, and so it makes sense for us to explore all avenues that are open to us to help fill that gap."