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Alstoms rotor reaches its final destination: the Teles Pires Hydro Plant

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This month, the first of five rotors Alstom will deliver to UHE Teles Pires plant was noted by the population of Paranaíta on BR-163 road, northernmost state of Mato Grosso. With over 260 tons, 5 meters tall and 8.5 meters diameter, the Francis rotor is the largest ever produced for hydro plants in Latin America, exceeding the dimensions of Tucuruí and Itaipu.

The truck that transports the equipment runs at an average speed of 15 km/h, escorted by the Federal Road Police (PRF), and makes mandatory stops very 30 km. The rotor, which departed from the Taubaté Unit in December, has already been to the port of Santos, continued by sea to the port of Montevideo, in Uruguay, and then boarded a ferry through the Paraguay-Paraná waterway up to Cáceres. Next, it traveled down BR-070 and then BR-163, and already reached its final destination.

Alstom will supply five 364 MW Francis turbines, regulators and hydro-mechanical and lifting equipment for Companhia Hidrelétrica Teles Pires.

The Teles Pires hydro plant is being constructed on Teles Pires river, an affluent of Tapajós river, on the border of the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, in the municipalities of Jacareacanga (PA) and Paranaíta (MT). It will have an installed power of 1,820 megawatts, enough to supply a population of 5 million people.