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Alstom Grids Substation Automation Solutions (SAS) business unveils new DAP IO modules for Smart Grid Applications

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Alstom has created the DAP IO modules for the modernization of electrical utilities substation automation, primary equipment monitoring and distributed automation. DAP IO modules provide the fastest, most cost-effective and risk adverse solution to modernizing legacy IO modules while maintaining the investment already made into wiring, RTU cabinets and engineering. For utilities looking to swap out their legacy RTUs, Alstom also provides the DAP-100 multi-function server that provides additional features such as substation gateway functionality with NERC/CIP cyber-security, an integrated HMI and secure remote access to substation devices for automated file retrieval. 

DAP IO modules can act as standalone IEDs with DNP 3.0 or IEC 61850 communications and redundant Ethernet communication ports, no needing for extra hardware: DAP IO has its own integrated network switch!

Advantages from the new DAP IO modules include

Reduced total deployment costs with substantial savings on:

  • Engineering design; new and revised station drawings
  • Testing and commissioning documentation
  • Re-wiring of RTU cabinets
  • Re-configuration of upstream devices including your EMS 

Complete hardware replacement

  • Fully addresses concerns of component fatigue by providing a 100% upgrade
  • Avoids the headaches and issues of working with multiple vendors

Minimal downtime

  • One-to-one replacement with terminal block alignment for negligible rewiring with the use of two-piece Phoenix connectors
  • Reduced commissioning effort required
  • A quick upgrade that makes staying on schedule a reality! 

    RTU enhancement or replacement

    Extension of the lifespan of legacy D20-type units by adding in Alstoms DAPmini or completely replacing the old RTUs with the DAP-100,bringing in added features such as:

    • Integrated HMI
    • Communication support for: OPC UA Server, SEL, Modbus, SPAbus, IEC-60870-5 101/103/104,  Courier, L&G 8979, SC1801, GE Hydran

    DAP IO Applications include:

    • New substation RTC I/O deployment
    • Legacy RTU I/O expansion and replacement
    • I/O modules for integrated substation control systems
    • I/O modules for primary equipment monitoring
    • I/O modules for distribution automation

    For example:

    -       On-Load Tap Charger (OLTC) interface

    -       Capacitor bank interface 

    -       Voltage regulator interface

    Click here to read more and check out our DAP IO technology at DistribuTech 2015

    And see how easy it is to setup Alstoms DAP IO module.

    FAQs for the DAP IO:

    Q: Do the DAP IO modules require an Alstom device to talk to?

    A: No.  DAP IO modules support both DNP 3 and IEC 61850 and therefore can communicate with any device supporting these protocols. Customers looking for an inter-operable solution to upgrade their legacy IO modules can take full advantage of the DAP IO product line

    Q: Does Alstom provide direct replacement solutions for different legacy IO models?

    A: Yes, Alstom provides a mixed-IO model (DAP-MIO) along with models individually dedicated to analog inputs (DAP-AI), status/binary inputs (DAP-DI), and control outputs (DAP-CO).

    Q: Can the DAP IO be used with a D20 or D200 -type device?

    A: Yes it cans, provided it is configured as a DNP device within the DNP DCA application. DAP IO does not support the legacy D.20 communication link and cannot be physically connected to the DB9 D.20 link.

    Q: Why not reuse the old termination boards to completely avoid lifting wires?

    A: Upgrading products dating back 20 years introduces too many risks. The best approach was to design a solution that would completely replace both the old modules.

    Q: If DAP supports DNP 3.0 and IEC 61850, do I still need an RTU?

    A: Actually, no. Given DAP IO can be polled like any other device on the network, there is no requirement for its data to be concentrated by an RTU before going back to the EMS or other Master / Client device  (in some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replicate the old RTU and avoid the time and cost of reconfiguring upstream devices to poll individual IO modules). 

    Q: What else can Alstom do to help with an RTU Replacement?

    A: There are methods available to the user to quickly import the legacy RTU database configuration into the DAP database, therefore saving on configuration time.