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Alstom acquires the industrial facilities of the Santa Perpètua de Mogoda plant, in Barcelona

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Alstom has acquired the industrial facilities of Santa Perpètua factory currently under leasing. Alstom thus exercises its purchase option over the 356,403-m2 site, owned up to now by Inbisa. The facilities are located 20 km from Barcelona (Spain) within the municipalities of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda and Mollet.

The Santa Perpètua plant, opened in 1994, is one the group's most modern plants and is one of the few Alstom plants that are capable of manufacturing high-speed trains, regional trains, trams and metros, all in the same facilities. Currently, 90% of its production is exported.

This acquisition demonstrates our long-term industrial commitment and our vow to turn the Santa Perpètua plant into a benchmark centre within the group", highlights Antonio Moreno, President of Alstom Spain.

Over 67,000 m2 of manufacturing shops are located on the 36-hectare site now being acquired. The centre also has 3000 m2 of testing workshops and a 1.2-km track for dynamic testing, which is connected to the external railway network. Moreover, the industrial facility has an engineering centre and a technology laboratory that is engaged in research on ergonomics and overall passenger comfort.