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Alstom presents its latest solutions for innovative, efficient and sustainable rail transport at BCN Rail 2015

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Alstom is to present its latest technologies and solutions for rail at BCN Rail 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, to be held from 17-19 November. The company is committed to developing innovative solutions that promote sustainable and efficient mobility, an improved travel experience for passengers and lower life cycle costs.

Some highlights of the novelties to be presented by Alstom at BCN Rail include Attractis, an integrated tramway system, and SRS, a new ground-based static charging system for tramways.

Alstoms Attractis solution responds to the increasing demand for integrated tramway systems by providing a fully integrated system for tramways in a record time of 30 months and with a single contract to manage the project. Designed to optimise acquisition costs and total cost of ownership, it offers up to 20% savings in investment costs compared to traditional tramway systems.

With a continued focus on ensuring the visual integration of tramways into city centres, Alstom expands its range of catenary-free solutions with SRS, a breakthrough ground-based static charging system which supplies power to trams equipped with on-board energy storage. The trams can be recharged at passenger stations during normal dwell time. SRS is based on the technology and safety principles of Alstoms proven APS solution employed by 188 Citadis tramways since 2003. SRS is also designed to address the road market by supplying power to electrical buses through ground-based charging slots at stations and termini. It can be used by a wide range of vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer.

In the domain of high speed, where Alstom is the worldwide leader with the widest and most reliable product range, Alstom will present its latest advances in aerodynamics, traction and materials, which significantly reduce consumption and environmental impact. Through a combination of various technologies, Alstom has managed to reduce the energy consumption of high-speed trains by up to 30% in recent years.  

An interactive exhibition: passengers and driving simulators

To demonstrate what tomorrow's train travel might look like, Alstom has chosen to develop technologies that will make journeys interactive, customisable and fun. Visitors take a seat in an environment linking smartphones to on-board equipment. The smartphone is used for authentication, to identify the seat of the passenger and to exchange data with the on-board equipment. A touch-screen tablet offers a choice of several activities: games, drawing, music, films, web browsing, journey monitoring and information about the destination, such as a weather forecast, bus stops and satellite maps. On-board services are also available, such as controlling the lighting or placing bar orders from your seat.

Alstom and its partners have developed this dedicated simulator to present all the services on offer for train operators who wish to develop cutting-edge comfort and technology.

Finally, in cooperation with Barcelona Tram, Alstom will offer visitors the opportunity to try out its innovative tram driving simulator, created by Alstoms Knowledge Centre to train future drivers. Located at the Barcelona Tram stand, the simulator represents a virtual tram cab, featuring all the components of a real vehicle. Comfortably seated, the trainee sees the track in real time on the screen in front of him or her. Touch screens simulate the main driving operations and scale-1 controls model the traction and braking controls. The equipment provides the same sensations as when driving a Citadis tram in real life. Modules can be easily updated to incorporate more complex scenarios, involving critical cross-roads for instance.


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