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Alstom Foundation supports disadvantaged families in Tajikistan

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Alstom Foundation supports a project for Sustainable agriculture for disabled people in Tajikistan together with the welfare organisation Internationaler Bund1 in region of Berlin and Brandenburg. The aim of the project is the training of young people with disabilities and their parents to secure additional revenue and to improve the living conditions of the affected families. The training will focus on the areas of gardening, cultivation of fruit bearing trees, handicraft, wool processing and livestock breeding with an emphasis on sustainability through protection of the environment and use of natural resources.

According to the latest statistics, 95 % of the work-capable disabled youth in Tajikistan do not enter the labour market due to the lack of adequate skills and employment opportunities.

Alstom Foundation supports projects of non-governmental organisations (NGO) aiming at improving the living conditions of communities with the help of sustainable and ecologically friendly measures. The project will be supported by Alstom in the coming 12 months with a budget of 37,600. It will be carried out together with the two local NGOs Mahbuba and Ghamkhori that have already been active in social projects in Tajikistan for more than 10 years.

At the signing ceremony in Berlin, the Alstom Foundation was represented by Alf Henryk Wulf, CEO of ALSTOM Deutschland AG. At this occasion, Michaela Schreier, Project Manager at Internationaler Bund, said: It is our goal to enable people to develop themselves, to shape their lives and become active members of society. I am delighted that with Alstom we have found a partner, dedicated to support our goals. More than 250 youths with disabilities aged 14 18 and over 260 parents will benefit from the project in Tajikistan.

The ambassador of Tajikistan in Germany, Maliksho Menatov, said: The government of Tajikistan and the relevant authorities of the country conduct several support programs for people with disabilities. In addition, numerous projects are carried out by international humanitarian organisations. In this context, we appreciate the project of the Alstom Foundation and we express our gratitude for the social commitment in our country.

1Welfare organisation for youth, social and educational work