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Alstom to build a new FGD plant for Veolia at Lodz Combined Heat and Power Plant.

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Veolia and Alstom have signed a turnkey contract for the construction of a complete Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plant, which will treat flue gases of 2 OP130 and 3 OP230 steam boilers of station numbers K1, K2, K3, K6, K9 at Veolia Energia Lodz SA combined heat & power plant (CHP 3). Completion of the desulphurisation plant is due early 2017.

The plant is based on Alstoms state of the art NIDTM semi-dry desulphurisation technology. The NIDTM technology features a modularised and cost-effective design which is retrofitfriendly, thanks to its compact layout.

This order comes almost one year after Veolia and Alstom signed a contract for another desulphurisation plant at Poznan. The plant at Lodz will use a six-module NIDTM of the same type as the four-module NIDTM being currently erected at Poznan. This will provide unique benefits in terms of operation and maintenance.

Since the installation of its first semi-dry desulphurization plant in 1996 at Laziska, Alstom has provided numerous desulphurization plants in Poland. In total, the flue gas flow which will be treated by these plants exceeds five million normal cubic meters per hour and the NIDTM has become the leading technology in the Polish semi-dry desulphurisation market. Globally, NIDTM has been successfully applied in more than 100 power generation and industrial plants.

The FGD plant, upon completion, is expected to keep SO2 and dust concentration in flue gas below respectively 200 mg/Nm3 and 20 mg/Nm3 respectively, thus complying fully with European Directive regulating industrial emissions (IED), which would enable us to continue the operation of all steam boilers of CHP 3 beyond 2016 and in the same time significantly reduce our environmental footprint in Lodz region said Janusz Cielakowski, Investment and Maintenance Director in Veolia Energia ód S.A. (Veolia).

We are proud and thankful to Veolia for their trust in selecting Alstom again for this important project, and we are delighted to contribute in reducing SOx and particulate emissions and improving air quality in Poland and in the region., said Romuald Karpiuk, Head of Alstom Environment Control Solutions project office in Poland ().