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Womens Craft Group gets much needed equipment

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Alstom and DF Energy, consortium partners for the construction of Carrington Power Station, have contributed £450 towards the cost of purchasing much needed equipment for the Womens Craft Group based at the Partington Library and Wellbeing Centre.

Working in partnership with SCIlight the group meets every Thursday between 10am and noon at the Library and is open to all ages.  The women make craft items which they hope to, eventually, sell on to self-fund the group.  The money from Alstom and DF Energy will go towards buying a new cutter along with ancillary equipment.

Sue Broome, from the group, said: Groups such as this are dependent on outside funding and we were delighted that Alstom and DF could help us purchase this essential equipment.  The women come along and spend a couple of hours making various craft items, sharing their skills.

Rainer Lueoend, from Alstom, said: It was interesting to see the group in action, making paper mats from recycled paper.  We understand that the cutter will enable them to utilise more recyclable materials and we were pleased to be able to help.

Joanne Sheehan, from DF Energy, said: We understand that the group has grown in recent months and around up to 15 ladies attend each week.  We wish them good luck with their endeavours.

The new power station is being developed by Carrington Power Limited, which is owned by ESB, the leading Irish energy company and has operations in over 35 countries, including Ireland, the UK, continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.



In the UK, Alstom has built and now maintains over half the countrys gas-fired power plants, including a 1,650MW plant in Nottinghamshire, a 2,160MW plant in Pembrokeshire, a 900MW plant in Devon and a 1,275MW plant in Kent.

At Carrington, Alstom is responsible for supplying, commissioning and maintaining the power generating equipment, including two gas turbines, two steam turbines and two heat recovery steam generators.

Alstom has been active in Manchester for many years. The Virgin trains that run between Manchester and London were designed and built by Alstom, who now maintain them at a dedicated depot in Longsight, employing around 300 people.


DF specialises in the development of complex, integrated projects such as gas-fired power stations, industrial plants and fuel storage. The company carries out end-to-end project processes that include engineering, procurement, construction, erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

At Carrington, DF will be responsible for all the civil works, electrical and mechanical works and the construction and balance of the plant equipment.